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Christening Photography - VideoWedding Photography & Video

Your baby is definitely the most precious sight in the world. Its Baptism is the moment your chile becomes the protagonist. A moment that must be unforgettable!

How i! You just enjoy it … Because babies grow up but the memories can remain indelible thanks to our services. With our photos and videos you will forever remember his first moments!

01JAN 2022 – 31 DEC 2022

Photo & Video


We will be at the Church 1 hour before the sacrament to record the surrounding area, arrivals and the first family photos. At the same time, the testimonies, the cross and the decoration will be photographed. Artificial LED lighting with batteries will be used so that you will not be charged for the use of electricity.

For the purpose of discretion, mainly telephoto lenses will be used with the exception of special points of the sacrament. Upon completion, family photos will be taken in the surrounding area.


  • All digital photographic material in full resolution with basic editing is initially delivered to a locked gallery on our page.

  • The streaming video & the video clip with the best moments are initially delivered via youtube (unlisted) and then in full resolution.

  • All the above material is delivered in a personalized usb 3 stick

Total cost for all of the above 550€ +vat

Photo only -or- Video only, 300€ +vat

Twins / Siblings Photo + Video +100€ +vat
Photo only -or- Video only +65€­­­­


  • By arrangement depending on the dimensions, double-page spreads, covers etc.

  • Indicative basic package price with album 25 double-page spreads, 30×60 and 20×40, with printed, laminated cover: 1+1 από 160€, 1+3 from 210€, 1+4 from 265€.

  • Mockup cost 60€

Extra benefits

  • Extra photographer +120€

  • Extra filmmaker +120€

  • Reception, up to 3 hours, Photo + Video, +250€

  • REception, up to 3 hours, Only photograph -or- Only video +150€

  • Family photo shoot to create a wish list 120€ + wish list printing 50€

  • Family filming at a later date 70€

  • Filming with 4Κ +200€

  • Video animation by selecting your photos 100€


  • The above prices are valid only by deposit in advance for booking a date.

We reserve the right of revaluation if no deposit has been deposited.

  • Implementation time &video deliveries after consultation depending on the complexity of the requested aesthetic result.

  • Advance payment of 30% of the total amount for commitment of the date, 40% on the day of the sacrament, payment of the remaining 30% upon delivery of all material.

  • The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation due to the customer’s fault.

  • The above prices do not include VAT

  • Ancillary services and creation of new material based on the primary file, is billed separately.

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