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Photo booth rental

Do you think a happy moment like your wedding, theChristening of your child or even an event you are organizing are solely in the hands of a photographer or cameraman; Of course not! They are also in your hands!

Just touch the screen of Photobooth, provided by our company! Afterward your every frantic and original grimace can be immortalized in an instant. It will ‘immortalize’ of course in the memory of your mobile phone! Through the online services you will receive it in minutes, so you can share it with your friends!

01Jan2022 – 31Dec2022

Thank you for your interest in our services and we quote you our offer for placement Βooth at your event venue.

The Booth is activated upon the arrival of your first guests while at the same time they are motivated discreetly and throughout, ensuring its smooth and pleasant operation.



Total operating hours: up to 4

Take photos in full resolution: without limit

Photo prints in size 10x15: without limit

Send photos to email : without limit

Posting photos on social networks: without limit

GIFS’ creation : without limit

Δημιουργία Boomerang: without limit

Creating digital collages: without limit

Watermark or / and collage of your choice

Props: ~about 50 pieces

Online Gallery of photos: Free

Other Options

Digital only, no prints 250+vat

Extra time with prints, hourly charge: 60 +vat

Extra time without prints, hourly charge: €40 +vat

BubbleBooth +60 +vat

Happy Hours Reduced hours, for parties, baptisms, etc., within Athens only, do not apply to weddings.

Total operating hours: up to 2

With unlimited prints: 240+vat

Digital only, no prints: 180+vat

All of the above apply (gif, boomerang, collage, props, online gallery, cost extra hours)

Prices Happy Hours, for high season Friday-Saturday-Sunday 01MAY-31OCT, from 09:00 to 18:00-closing time



Total operating hours: up to 4

1080p video recordingp: without limit

Watermark of your choice

Online Gallery of videos: Free

Custom microphone: Free

Other Options

Combined operation with PhotoBooth €350+€100 +vat

Video Quiz: 20 +vat

Extra time, hourly charge: 40 +vat

Montage of the material : 30 +vat



PrintBooth, the day of your event, through the lenses of your guests. With our new groundbreaking service, you have automatic photo printing10x15, via instagram and hashtag of your choice. Both your guests and you can send photos for printing with a post, which you will find posted on MemoryWall which we place in the event space.

Total operating hours: up to 4

Photo prints in size 10x15: up to 500 prints

Watermark or / and collage of your choice

MemoryWall with hanging photos: Free

Information cards for the tables: Free

Online Gallery of photos: Free

Other Options

Full Day, from morning until 01:00, up to 1000 εκτυπώσεις: 550 +vat

Creating a photo corner in the event space (background & lighting): 70 +vat

Digital MemoryWall – slideshow in projector: €80 +vat


  • The above prices are valid only by deposit in advance for date confirmation.

We reserve the right of revaluation if no deposit has been paid.

  • Payment in advance 50 for date commitment.

  • Payment up to one day before the event.

  • The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation due to the customer’s fault.

  • Travel expenses & for accommodation outside Attica are borne by the customer.

  • Surcharge outside Attica for dates of high season (01May-31Oct), €100-€200,

depending on the destination.

  • Creating new material based on the primary file is billed separately

  • Power supply security.

  • The provision of online services depends on the availability of a network 4G ή WIFI.

  • To post material on your Facebook page facebook από το photobooth, the use of your own account is required, as well as an information field where the respective user agrees / disagrees with the post.
  • Use by minors is strictly allowed only in the presence of parents.

  • Reprint the entire file later, €0,25+vat/photo+shipping charges.

  • All digital material is delivered in full resolution within 7 days,

in a locked gallery on our website.

  • Prices do not include VAT

Photography accessories (props)

Background Options

Ενδεικτικές επιλογές Κολάζ

δείτε επίσης: www.thebigpicture.gr/collages


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