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Christening set for girl floral ΝELVSP_022


Complete baptism package consisting of clothes, shoes, oilcloths (small large towel, underwear and oilcloth), oil set (3 candles, oil bottle and hand soap from olive oil), baptism box, candle and 50 witness pins of your choice. The clothes are sewn from 6 months to three years. For larger size only upon order.

Book your appointment now at 2103215344 or contact via viber at 6977903972. We are always at your disposal since 1969 …

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Complete christening set for girl with “floral” theme. It contains clothing, shoes, oil cloth, oil set, baptismal box, candle and 50 testimonies.

All our sets are made of top quality materials, sterile. They are not standardized, as is the case with various online stores that have them stacked in warehouses with the risk of contaminating babies. Also, it is possible to configure the sets as you wish and with any theme you want without additional charges. In addition, worldwide shipping is available.

Call us at 210-3215344 to find together the ideal Christening outfit for your girl. Our experienced staff will help you choose the baptismal font that suits your aesthetics and your wallet.

Our clothes and baptismal items and accessories stand out for their high quality and modern design. For all our products and services, home delivery can also be done, upon consultation. More generally, at Oikos Eleftheriou you will find baptism clothes of top quality, stitching and fabric in unique color combinations. We also have a full line of baptismal items, wooden boxes, oil cloths with the same fabrics, bags and candles that we have combined all together.

The baptism of your child is one of the most important moments of your life. So choose the style and colors you want for this precious moment. Discover here all offers on baptismal sets. For any information you can call us or come and see the large collection of clothes and christenings in our store.

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