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Wedding Photography - VideoTo keep the most important moment of your life immortal, do not remain the moments of your wedding only in your memory, so that your memories do not fade over time … We are with you in the photography and video of your wedding!  

We make sure your every moment comes to life with our photos and videos. We thus make these precious memories of yours indestructible in time.

01Jan2022 – 31Dec2022

Thank you that following our communication and after investigating your needs, you give us the opportunity to quote our offer for the photographic & film coverage of your wedding.

Coverage Ceremony & Reception 1350€ +tax

1. Wedding Ceremony Coverage


2 photographers – 2 filmmakers

Cover the mystery with respect to the place and the ceremony. Installation of artificial lighting LED with batteries for no annoying cables. The presence of experienced professionals ensures the capture of every moment.

2. Photography – filming after the ceremony

1 photographer – 1 cinematographer

After the mystery, if you wish, shots will be taken at a nearby destination. Use artificial lighting, where required, to create an artistic effect and instructions for poses in order to optimize it.

3. Reception

2 photographers & 2 filmmakers

Shots during the reception, the dances with the use of artificial lighting where required, to create a special material with the main theme always you but also the purpose of capturing the unique moments that you will live with the people you love. Duration 3 hours from your first dances.


Coverage only the Ceremony

1 photographer – 1 filmmaker

Ceremony coverage with respect to the moment. Installation of artificial lighting LED with batteries for no annoying cables. The presence of experienced professionals ensures the capture of every moment.

Photo and Video, 700€ +vat

Photo only -or- Video only, 400€ +vat

Material Delivery

  • All digital photographic material in full resolution with basic processing is delivered in a locked gallery on our page.

  • The streaming video & video clips are initially delivered via youtube (unlisted).

  • All the above material is delivered to personalized usb stick.


Samples of our work can be found at the following links

­ Photograph Video


Photobooth | Information


  • By arrangement depending on the dimensions, double-page spread, covers etc.

  • Price of indicative basic package with album 25 double-page spread, 30×60 and 20×40, with printed, laminated cover: 1+1 from 160€, 1+3 from 210€, 1+4 from 265€

  • Μockup cost 60€


Extra supplies

  • Coverage of bride preparations & groom

We will record your preparations with discretion and emphasis on its uniqueness

your wedding day with guidance where required in order to achieve

the best possible result.

1 photographer – 1 filmmaker, to each one of the two, +200€
1 photographer – 1 filmmaker, only to the Bride, +120€
1 photographer or 1 filmmaker to each one of the two, +120€
1 photographer only to the Bride, +70€

  • Prewedding ή next day photo shoot 80€

  • Prewedding ή next day filming 80€

  • Photobooth, reception, with possibility online upload, 4 hours, 250€

  • Photobooth, reception, with online+unlimited prints 10x15, 4 hours, 350€

  • VideoBooth, reception, extra 100 € in the cost of PhotoBooth

  • Wedding Kaefer rental with chauffeur, 250€. 50€ discount if combined with Photobooth

  • Drone with certified and insured operator 300€

  • +Christening, same day +200€

  • Filming with 4K 200€

  • Video creation with special effects, by arrangement

  • Video animation by selecting your photos 100€

  • Extra photographer +150€

  • Extra filmmaker +150€

  • Reception coverage beyond the agreed hours 30€/hour/partner.


  • The above prices are valid only with a deposit for date confirmation.

We reserve the right to re-evaluate if no deposit has been made.

  • Implementation times & video deliveries by arrangement depending on the complexity of the requested aesthetic result.

  • Advance payment of 30% of the total amount for date commitment, 40% on the day of the ceremony or next day and payment of the remaining 30% upon delivery of all material.

  • The deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation due to the fault of the customer.

  • Travel expenses & of residence outside Attica, are charged to the customer.

  • Utilities and the creation of new material based on the primary file are charged separately.

  • Ensuring a table with good visual contact of the space as well as power supply.

  • Prices do not include VAT 24%.

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