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Baptism sets for boys and girls , top quality, sewing and fabric in unique color combinations.
Choose one of the following categories to go to the corresponding section and discover wonderful baptismal items
as well as the ideal christening set for your baby boy or girl .

Christening clothes set for boy [/ ap_column]
Christening set for girls [/ ap_column]
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ladoset Oil set for baby boy [/ ap_column]
Oil set for little girl [/ ap_column]
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  • Sale Christening set for girl "floral"Add to cart

    Christening set for girl floral ΝELVSP_008

    Original price was: 380,00€.Current price is: 300,00€.
  • Sale Baptism set for boy "travel"Add to cart

    Christening set boy travel ΝELVSP_006

    Original price was: 380,00€.Current price is: 300,00€.
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